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Ya Gotta Have Faith!

Forbs / Aug 22, 2011
Sometimes the hardest part about being a leader is getting people to Believe. Not in me...but in themselves. We get told "you cant do that" so often in life that we begin to believe it ourselves, and stop trying. This is particularly true in Azeroth where the common perception of Gnomes, even among ourselves, is that we are small, weak , few in number, and incapable of accomplishing anything.

Small we may be, but weak we are definitely not! In fact, Congratulations are in order as yesterday Phlogistan dinged to Level 85 and became the most recent addition to our growing legion of max level Gnomes!

And here in G4 our numbers are steadily growing as well! Just this week our ranks swelled again as Squeege, Manga, Brixee, Manastorm, Jendal, Blinca, and Tymeria donned the purple & gold tabard of G4! The amount of Gnome Powah we are able to bring to bear on any given obstacle these days is considerable, and it shows!

This week we stormed Serpentshrine Caverns with a full phalanx of Gnomes! Not only did we defeat the Lady Vashj and gained the Serpentshrine Cavern Guild Run Achievement, but we got some gear upgrades for our lower level folks, some RP gear for the rest, and we even mamaged to get some fishing done!

And once again I have to report that Gnomeregan Forever has racked up yet another Guild Level in less than two weeks! We not only picked up the Guild Level 15 Achievement, but we added The Quick and the Dead to our already impressive list of Guild Perks, and we unlocked the spiffy Wrap of Unity Guild Reward!

So when I tell you that all this adds up to a significant accomplishment in anybody's book, not just for'd better believe it!

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Loving the screenshots! I've been helping my sister move over the last week so my WoW time has taken a noticeable hit. But now that she's all moved in (in reality, there's no such thing), I'm looking forward to some gnome action. Good job guys, keep it up!
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