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No Pain No Gain

Forbs / Aug 29, 2011
Well its been a real workout this week in G4! A large scale guild effort has accomplished nearly all of our logistical goals on our soon-to-no-longer-be Secret Plans! Huge thanks to everyone who has been working hard to making it happen, especially: Penti, Corbitz, Kattindra, Eza, and Aizi who did most of the heavy lifting!

Saturday after the meeting we rallied our tiny troops and stormed Tempest Keep. Apart from getting a searing sauna from a giant phoenix, and then partially pummeled by the mechanical masseuse, it was no sweat really! Ok so I may have gotten kinda sorta mind controlled and set a few people on fire, but builds character! In the end though we dealt Kael'thas the shortest setback he ever had, and picked up the Tempest Keep Guild Run Achievement! This puts our progress on Guild Outland Raider at: 5/8

And last but not least, please join me in welcoming our newest nifty Gnomes: Kimbee and Kwin! Make us proud guys!

The next two weeks we will really be feeling the burn! So eat your Hero O's and sign up to help run our special events! Lets make this a celebration Wyrmrest Accord wont soon forget!


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