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Forbs / Jul 25, 2011

Oh. Emm. Gee. What a week! I hardly know where to begin, so I'll just jump right in. Our stylish new guild website went live last Sunday and seems to be passing the Gnomish torture test. Our "Premium Trial" will expire in about 20 days. At which point we may experience some restrictions to our free service and ads most likely, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Our rep grinders are definitely getting it done in style! We received the Ambassadors Achievement for raising 25 unique reputations to Exalted! I only have about 18 myself so I know how hard that can be. Well done all!

Then just when you thought it was safe to have a pint in the Stoutlager Inn in Thelsemar, the Horde go on the warpath! This RP-PvP event caught me off guard, but proved to be quite fun! G4's special forces and our Dwarven allies flew recon missions, and fought the invaders every step of the way, eventually culminating in a glorious battle at the gates of Ironforge in which the Horde were soundly defeated!

And speaking of Dwarves, they got nothing on us Little Folk, and we've got the Mighty Miners Achievement to prove it! Wow thats a lotta rocks!

Then Saturday we had a great turnout at the guild meeting. Finally the numbers were on our side and eleven detirmined Gnomes glided under cover of darkness into Blackrock mountain and staged a daring assault upon Nefarian's stronghold! Along with the loot we picked up the Blackwing Lair Guild Run Achievement!

We carried Nefarian's head back to Stormwind, and presented it to King Varian. This time we were not to be denied. After a triumphant procession through the city steets, the head was hoist above the city gates, and Field marshal Afrasiabi proclaimed our deed throughout the land!

After a mission like that there was only one thing stylish Gnomes like us could do...Party like its 999! Most of us wisked off to Dalaran to partake of the wonders of Club Lyon the Alliance Nightclub! We got there and found the place was jumpin! There were many Tall Folk dancing and drinking and DJ Rainlight was streaming tunes over the web.

But the fun doesnt really start until the Gnomes arrive. It wasnt long before we busted out our focusing lenses and proceeded to put on a laser light show that brought exclamations from the crowd and an impressed shoutout from the DJ!

But that was just for openers. Not to be outdone, Wilbyr unloaded his vault of Fireworks, and distributed them among us. Then he set up launchers on the balcony above the party, and we proceeded to wow the crowd with a five minute fireworks extravaganza! We then grabbed our Alliance Balloons and slow-falled back down into the crowd from the balcony in epic Gnome style! The amazed DJ lamented on the air that he wished he had Fraps going to record it, it was that good!

Sunday found us within a few percent of a new level, and we rallied to the challenge! With a last minute flurry of Guild Challenges, we got the job done! Gnomeregan Forever has officially become a Level 13 Alliance guild! And that will be music to our PvP'ers ears because that means we add Honorable Mention Rank 1 to our growing list of guild perks!

And we got a bunch of spiffy new Gnomes this week! Please give a warm G4 welcome to: Tiffyn, Aracela, Torko, Firewires, Kwix, Sphesty, and Hingleton!

Have another great week people, and remember, whatever you it Gnome Style!
Forbs / Jul 18, 2011
Another week has come to an end, and what a week its been! Wednesday without warning Guildzilla pulled the plug on their free service, leaving G4 and many other guilds staring at what amounted to an electronic ransom note. But if they thought Gnomes would cave to extortion, they got another think coming!

I spent most of my available time Friday & Saturday finding us a new home on the web. I hope you like the new features! Please give everything a proper Gnomish test run and provide feedback!

While I was busy working on the site, I understand the mice were playing at the Alliance night club in Dalaran. I have the photographic evidence! Looks like a great time was had by all!

No new guild achieves to report this week, but the 'Hooray's!' in guild chat have been coming thick and fast as personal achievements and level ups poured in! Not only that, but we just dinged to guild level 12 last week, and we're already more than halfway to level 13! And on top of that, our roster just broke the 100 mark for the first time! Holy Miracle Grow Batman! Thats a lot of Gnomes!

And speaking of which, please join me extending a warm G4 welcome to: Frost, Zocke, Yamara, Minney, Kwayzar, Tubbinns, and Maenia!
Forbs / Jul 16, 2011
Pardon the boxes and stuff, we're still moving in, and getting things set up. Three days ago, our previous guild site host pulled the plug on us without warning.

If youre a guest, feel free to look around, but dont judge too harshly till we have had time to spiffy up the place a bit.

If youre a member of G4, youll need to create a Shivtr account, and then fill out an application here on the site so that I can approve it and add you to the site roster. Once you are a member, you'll be able to add any of your Gnome alts yourself.
Forbs / Jul 16, 2011

Jul 5th 2011 - Well the Midsummer Fire Festival went out the way it came in...with a bang! Patch 4.2 has erupted on the scene with new challenges and rewards for max level Gnomes! We had a grand time at the Midsummer Ball in Darnassus hosted by The Gilnean Refuge Saturday evening. And a blast at the fireworks show down in Booty Bay last night! I hope you got all of your holiday Achievements completed! A few of us walked away with our Flame Warden titles, and for the rest of us...well, there's always next year.

We had a productive week in G4! Our expert craftsgnomes finally managed to nail down that elusive Working as a Team Achievement! Meanwhile our diplomatic corps scored quite a coup of their own with the Dungeon Diplomat Achievement!

And while I love talking about our accomplishments as a guild, its important to recognize individual achievement as well. So please join me in congratulating Glitterspaz, our latest member to attain Exalted Reputation with the guild! Well done Glitter!

And finally I'd like to welcome the our newest recruits to the biggest "little" guild around: Mobie, Corbitz, Tashie, and Harmonee!
Forbs / Jul 16, 2011

Jun 28th 2011 - Ahoy Maties! Another week has passed beneath our keel, and its been fair sailing for the most part. Hope youre getting all your holiday achievements done as there is only a week left of the event! You can earn the Flame Warden title, and be one step closer to the meta-achievement: What A Long Strange Trip Its Been! Which will award you a huge Violet Proto-Drake and Master Riding (310% Flight) which will save you a ton of gold!

And thanks to the hard work (and a lot of fun! :) of our members we Dinged again!! Woohoo! Guild Level 11! That means we have Mobile Banking!

We had a great time Friday night on the Speedbarge, There were many Gnomes in attendance, RP'ing, drinking, meeting new people and starting bar fights with the Goblins! Our Gnomish naval fleet was most impressive! Wel also had fun at the guild meeting this week experimenting with classified technology! Look forward to more such experiments!

And speaking of new people, a whole bunch of patriotic Gnomes enlisted this week including Wilbyr Gimick, Minimizer, Tixy, Al, Jarvo, and Hydrogen! Please join me in welcoming our new Recruits! Make us proud guys!
Forbs / Jul 16, 2011
Jun 21st 2011 - Its been another wonderful week here in WoW and the forecast calls for heat and lots of it! The Midsummer Fire Festival has just started! There will be Alliance Fires to Honor and Horde Fires to Extinguish in virtually every settlement in the game world. These are a great way to make Gold, Personal XP, Guild Rep and Guild XP at any level! Its also a good excuse to get your Exploration Achievements as long as youre touring the world anyway. So get out there and have some fun! Bear in mind that desecrating Horde Fires will Flag you for PvP so expect to die a few times.

Speaking of PvP, Balrik the leader of the Dwarf RP-PvP guild: Bouldershoulder Brigade was impressed with G4's spirited defense of Ironforge the other night in the face of Horde agression. He invited any G4 members who are looking for people to PvP with to contact him. We have also recieved some nice comments from Thanë the leader of Against All Odds recently. Way to represent Gnomes out there!

The death toll of rats in the Deeprun Tram reached epic proportions but at long last we reached the 50,000 kill mark to secure the Critter Kill Squad Achievement! So Armadillo Pups are available at the Guild Vendor!

And last but definitely not least, please join me in welcoming our newest nifty Gnomes: Cogmos, Inysa, Kashika, Quarsh, and Wilbyr!
Forbs / Jul 16, 2011
Jun 13th 2011 - Wow, is it Monday again already? Well that means its time for another weekly update! Well only one new Guild Achievement to report this week, but its a whopper! G4 Dinged to Guild Level 10! Whoohoo! That means Heirloom Cloaks are now available at the guild vendor!

RP has been on the upsurge as well! Gnome RP is the best RP, so get out there and have some fun! Speaking of RP the "Roll Plague" has been ravaging the cities on both sides of the faction fence. If you'd like to know more about this event check out the Wyrmrest Accord realm forums! Post Here.

A member recently had their account vandalized, so please take a moment to review your PC's security. Make sure your virus and malware definitions are up to date, avoid dodgy WoW related websites, and scan regularly! There are a number of good free programs out there that can help you! A Blizzard Authenticator can add an extra layer of security, and at $6 its a good investment!

We had a great time at the Halaa Smackdown last night while it lasted! We were outnumbered at first, but then we got reinforcements and turned the tables on the Horde!

And while I'm on the topic of reinforcements, please join me in welcoming Doomzie, Cogmos and Rivettock to G4! Make us proud guys!
Forbs / Jul 16, 2011
Jun 7th 2011 - Another jam packed week full of thrills and excitement...ok not really. But the biggest "little" guild around was quietly getting the job done this week nonetheless. Personal Achievements have been scrolling through guild chat thick and fast!

You guys have been leveling like crazy, running BG's, doing Quests and Dailies, skilling up your Professions and helping your guild mates. We'll almost certainly ding to Guild Level 10 within a couple of days, and I've been receiving some very nice compliments on G4 lately from other guilds. All of which make me a very proud little guild leader!

We also got reinforcements this week! So please extend a warm G4 welcome to our newest nifty Gnomes: Fizzlo, Nimzie, Rivvet, Sulkyjabber, Tanknbolt, Widgit, Gidgét, and Wimzie!