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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 20, 2017)
Handy way to clean your monitor:
(Mar 05, 2017)
Glitztorque & Hyrculese your site apps are approved!
(Feb 16, 2017)
Valgilt your site app is approved.
(Feb 04, 2017)
I talk about coming back, then classes restart so I can't play for weeks. This is called irony.
(Jan 31, 2017)
Man. Just when I find myself totally motivated to completely overhaul my UI....
(Jan 23, 2017)
I'm taking that as permission to join the OOC so I can actually catch you in-game. :P
(Jan 22, 2017)
Sure, hit me up in-game.
(Jan 22, 2017)
Hey Forbs. I remade Reimund. Can I get back in?
(Jan 12, 2017)
Ixiolite, Cogfoot, your site apps area pproved!
(Jan 11, 2017)
Rockrock your site app is approved
(Jan 10, 2017)
Trillidi your site app is approved!
(Jan 07, 2017)
Flashlight, Tweetles, and Sybclaire, your site apps are approved!
(Jan 06, 2017)
Only a few more days to get the Diablo WoW toys!
(Jan 03, 2017)
Gnogmiz & Iggyfaust, your site apps are approved!
(Jan 01, 2017)
Now now, CF wouldnt want us to give up on Hope. She'd want us to fight on, AND she finished her movie for us! That couldnt have been easy.
(Dec 28, 2016)
ditto to what Brixee said
(Dec 28, 2016)
And now Carrie Fisher. Eff you 2016. Eff you.
(Dec 24, 2016)
Been gone for ages (bleh, semester finals) but I think I'm back into the spirit of WoW... because I got Warcraft on DVD for Christmas - finally got to see it, and OMG. Glorious.
(Dec 21, 2016)
Finklestout & Rockrock, your site apps are approved!
(Dec 20, 2016)
Here's my letter to Greatfather Winter: Wheres yours?